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Lice Removal and Prevention


Unable to visit our salon? Or simply seeking to continue care after treatment?

Our user-friendly, non-toxic products enable you to effectively eliminate lice in the comfort of your home, preventing reinfestation following treatment.

Combo Pack (No BG)

Hair Wizards Lice Removal Products

Why Hair Wizards Products?

  • Non-toxic, all natural, no harsh chemicals

  • Safe and easy to use

  • Pleasant mint scent

  • Highly effective!

Learn more about our products and how to use them together to keep you and your family free of lice!


Our Best Seller

Everything you need to get you and your family lice free!

Where to start?

Not sure what products to buy? Check out our usage guide on how to use our products to most effectively remove and prevent lice.

Raising a Hand

Our Products

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