Hair Lice Fighting Formula

Hair Wizard's Shampoo is all natural, pesticide-free, and made with essential oils that leave the hair healthy and manageable. Containing safe, non-toxic and sulfate-free ingredients, Hair Wizard's Shampoo is perfect for both children and adults who have a sensitive scalp. When used daily, Hair Wizard's Shampoo along with Hair Wizard's Conditioner can help defend your hair from a hair lice infestation by washing out any nits before they have a chance to multiply and spread.


How To Use Shampoo For Daily Use

Apply a generous amout of Hair Wizard's Shampoo and thoroughly massage into scalp and wet hair. There will be minimal lather - this is normal due to the absence of synethetic detergents. Rinse thoroughly with water. Use in conjuction with Hair Wizard's Conditioner for best results.

Hair Wizards Salon Lice Comb


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