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Your Local Head Lice Experts

Serving the greater Los Angeles area for over a decade

We have highly trained head lice removal professionals who truly understand and follow a proven, safe, non-toxic, and effective treatment process to eradicate head lice.

Treatment is handled by our specially trained technicians, who manually screen the hair for nits (eggs) and lice. Again, the head lice are a nuisance and hassle, but they aren't dangerous to your health. However - they're highly contagious, therefore evaluating your entire family is important. Otherwise we may treat one member of the family and eradicate the lice, only to have them get reinfected, potentially, by another family member.

If nits and/or lice are found, our technicians manually remove the parasites by utilizing special patented combs and our special treatment products (which are always all natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly). This treatment approach results in a fast and safe removal.

Hair lice removal salon
Children Playing on Bouncy Castle

Kid Friendly Salon

In our kid-friendly salon, we create a fun atmosphere for the children who might otherwise be frightened at the prospect of being treated for head lice. They will sit still and cooperate with us, even when they won't do so for their parents. For many families, this is a private, uncomfortable, and embarrassing experience.

Although we would like to see this stigma banished, we know head lice will still cause many people embarrassment, stress, and frustration. We will also go to your location and provide the same professional and friendly service.


All Natural Products

When you discovered lice, you most likely went to the drug store for a pesticide based lice treatment product only to find that weeks or days later you still had them. That is because products such as these are dangerous and they have been proven to be non-effective due to the fact that lice have become resistant to pesticides over the years. Also, inappropriately using off-the-shelf head lice treatment products can damage, sometimes even burn the scalp.

We offer a new all natural, eco-friendly, and non-toxic enzyme-based product that works like magic and leaves you lice free. Available for purchase in our salon or online in our shop!

Still have questions? Give us a call!

Kid Friendly Salon
All Natural, Non Toxic
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