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Hair Wizards Salon Lice Removal and Treatment Salon | Visit us in Los Angeles / Encino, CA today!

Professional lice removal treatment in our salon. Locally owned and operated for over 12 years.

open 7 days a week

Hair Wizards Salon Lice Removal
Hair Wizards Salon Lice Removal and Treatment Salon | Our trusted professionals carefully remove lice in our salon.

Your Local Lice Experts

Serving the greater Los Angeles area for over a decade

At Hair Wizards Salon, our one and only task is head lice treatment and removal for children and adults. We take care of you at our Encino, CA salon or we can come to you and provide personal treatment at your location. Our services are commonly covered by

most insurance polices as well.

Your local experts

Our Services

Hair Wizards Salon Lice Removal and Treatment Salon | Leave lice treatment to the professionals. Located in Encino. Non-toxic, family friendly!

Lice Screening

Not sure if you or your child has lice? Let us find out for you. We will check for lice by carefully combing through your hair. Lice checks only take around 15 minutes and if we do find lice, we can begin treatment right away.

Lice Removal

Once we have determined that you or your child has lice, we can start the removal process. We use a non-toxic treatment to remove the lice from the hair. Our expert technicians will apply our product to your hair, paralyzing the lice so we can safely remove them. This process usually lasts between 45 minutes and one hour. Children can return to school the same day!

Hair Wizards Salon Lice Removal and Treatment Salon | See the difference! Before of lice from a client. Our experts will removal all lice and you can go to school the same day!

See the difference!

Hair Wizards Salon - Before and after lice removal treatment at Hair Wizards Salon

Before and after Hair Wizards lice removal and treatment

Hair Wizards Salon Lice Removal and Treatment | Salon Shampoo & Conditioner Non-toxic, no chemicals, All Natural, Buy now!
Hair Wizards Salon Lice Removal and Treatment Salon | Lice Comb - buy now!

All Natural Products

Lice treatment doesn't stop at the salon. We offer non-toxic products to help you stay lice free and rid your home of lice! Our experts are here to guide you on how to clean and disinfect your home to ensure the complete remove of lice. Visit our new online store to purchase.

What are lice?

Got questions? We have answers.

What are lice? What do they look like? How do you get lice? These are very common questions people have about lice and we have all those answers and more! We have been in the lice removal business for over a decade and are extremely knowledgable on all things lice.

Visit our FAQ section for some common questions or give us a call now to learn more.


Hair Wizards Salon Lice Removal and Treatment Salon | Head lice. Learn more about lice and nits and how to remove them

Our Salon

Our salon is located in Encino, CA. We pride ourselves in creating and friendly and welcoming environment for all families. 

What Our Clients Say

"Highly recommended!"

"The staff was so friendly, I was embarrassed at first but they explained that it's totally normal and lice are actually attracted to clean hair, not dirty! The treatment was fairly quick and I was completely lice free, highly recommend Hair Wizards for their professional service and very kind, educated staff."

A real Google review by Daniel

"Really Easy"

"The staff was awesome and made an awkward experience great! Very professional! My insurance reimbursed the charges and made everything really easy. Would definitely recommend this place!!"

A real Yelp review by Autumn

"So good with kids"

"It was an absolute pleasure working with the staff. Rosemary was so helpful, she is so good with kids, they didn't even notice they were being treated. In the end we are all lice free and had an overall pleasant experience. Highly recommended, would come back if necessary (hopefully don't have to though)"

A real Yelp review by Lana

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Please fill out this form below with as much detail as you like. Your personal information is held private and secure. This is NOT a confirmation of an appointment, but a request for one.

We will get back to you very soon with the confirmation so that we can address your head lice issues in a timely and appropriate manner.

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