"The #1 Hair Lice Removal Service In The Greater Los Angeles Area"

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"The #1 Hair Lice Removal Service in The Greater Los Angeles Area"

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At Hair Wizards Salon, our one and only task is head lice treatment and removal for children and adults in the Greater Los Angeles area. We can take care of you at our Encino, CA salon or at your home - and your insurance may cover the treatment.


We have highly trained head lice removal professionals, who truly understand and follow a proven, safe & effective treatment process to get rid of lice.


Everything you need to know regarding the treatment and removal process, what to do, and what to expect - you'll find it all on our site.

What is Hair Lice?

Why does it itch and what is all that flaky white stuff on your scalp? What is going on during this infestation? The facts and understanding of Head Lice may shock you. To gain a better understanding on the life cycle of Head Lice and their activities view these informative flip cards for visual detail wisdom.

For better flip results - give it 15 seconds once entering the site then touch the corners of the cards.

Lice Do Not Jump Nor Do They Fly, So How Can They Be So Contagious?

Head lice have nothing to do with hygiene. Children are most insusceptible to hair lice merely because of their life style. With many children at school and on the playground, they are constantly and unknowingly rubbing heads and infecting each other with hair lice. Head lice effortlessly crawls or falls off from one head to another. Sharing hats, brushes is another common way to transfer head lice.


Adults are not immune to head lice as they are just as easily effected but their life styles don't usually rub heads with other adults on a constant basis. Adults normally get head lice from their own children. Head lice can also survive outside the head and without human blood for at least five days.

Can Animals & Pets Get Infested With Hair Lice?

Adult head lice lay eggs (nits) on human hair only. However, animals could be carriers of lice and can they can be transferred to humans.

Why Does Hair Lice Itch So Much?

Head lice feed on human blood and fluids. They bite your skin to feed and that's what causes itching - typically around the ears and back of the neck. Head Lice is similar to that of a tick or mosquito, where they fill their flat bodies with your blood and become bloated.

How Do We Get Rid Of Hair Lice?

Hair Wizards professionals will not only treat you but instruct you on best practices available, to avoid future problems and infestations

Nits are attached to hair using glue-like substance, which makes them impossible to remove using regular shampoos and combs.


Even though a number of off-the-shelf products are available for home remedy - it is highly recommended to let professionals handle treatment and removal, since missing even a single nit can result in re-infestation. A number of home remedies and off-the-shelf products do exist but have a typical rate of failure.


It's important to launder as many material-based items in the house after lice removal treatment to prevent re-infestation.


About Us

In our kids-friendly salon, we create a fun atmosphere for the children who might otherwise freak out at the prospect of being treated for head lice. They will sit still and cooperate with us, when they won't do so for their parents. For many families, this is a private and often time, uncomfortable and embarrassing experience. Although we would like to see this stigma banished, we know head lice will still cause many people embarrassment, stress and frustration. We will also go to your location and provide the same best friendly service.

Eco Friendly

When you discovered lice, you most likely went to the drug store for a pesticide based lice treatment product only to find that weeks or days later you still had them. Thats because these products are dangerous & they have been proven to be non-effective due to the fact that lice have become resistant to pesticides over the years! We offer a new Eco-friendly, non-toxic and non-hazardous enzyme-based product that works like magic and totally gets rid of lice.

"Thanks to your staff for a job well done! You got my family clean when no one else could after a month of trying everything. Thanks again and good luck. I will recommend your salon to everyone!"

"My experience with them was more than satisfactory and I would highly, highly recommend them to anyone suffering from this nasty, itchy little problem - visit them and they will definitely take great care of you!"

We are open 7 days a week. Call us anytime with any questions you may have. We look forward in hearing from you. We totally and completely back up our head lice removal services with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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